It’s Time to Get Your Dog Walking

Are you aware of just HOW good it is for your dog when they are walked daily? Well “The Week” magazine is here to tell us why you need to make sure your dog gets his/her daily dose of exercise.

Walking your dog can literally save its life, according to a study presented in 2010 by dog-walking researcher Rebecca Johnson at the University of Missouri. Johnson’s team conducted a study of dogs at shelters: Half were randomly selected for five walks a week by elderly human volunteers, while the canine control group “sat glumly in their cages,” says Hal Herzog at Psychology Today. “The results were impressive,” if sad for the control group: 75 percent of the walked dogs were adopted into permanent homes, versus 35 percent of the not-walked; 9 percent of the walked were euthanized, compared with 27 percent of the control group. Elderly dog-walkers benefit, too, according to Johnson. They become fitter and healthier than those who don’t walk, and even those who walk with human friends.


Read the whole article here.

Check out our affordable walk plans below or call us to find out more: (760) 696-5371

30 minute walk – $17 ($85/5 days a week)

45 minute walk – $20 ($100/5 days a week)

1 hour walk – $25 ($125/5 days a week)

15 minute in-home visit to feed, change water, let outside, etc. – $15

Morning/Evening Feed and 30 Walk – $25

*These prices apply if you schedule two or more walks a week. Find our one-time or once-weekly-walks prices here.


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