Things We Can All Learn From a Dog



Happy March!


March is one of my favorite months, for many reasons: although I’m no longer in school, it still signals the beginning of my favorite time of year (summer and longer days), the weather gets warmer (JK, I live in San Diego), Spring Break (yes, I realize it no longer means anything to me), and ST. PATTY’S DAY. This year, I will also get to see my little brother for a whole two weeks.

March is full of festivities, but we need to realize that our celebrations – though fun for us -can cause stress to our pets.  When celebrating this March, keep in mind that pets are often times scared by loud noises and bright lights such as parades or fire works, and will run off. If you are having people over, keep in mind that your pet needs space, and does not want dozens of people touching his/her face (unless you have a dog like mine, because he LOVES that.) Also keep in mind that things humans leave behind after block parties can be detrimental to your fur baby. Keep an eye on what they get their paws on.

Lastly, remember to have a wonderful March. To celebrate my second favorite time of year, I am going to have a little contest:

Email your favorite “St. Pawty’s Day” photo of your pet(s) to The winner will receive a free 30 minute walk (for your pet; I do not want to walk you.) *Sorry, North County San Diego residents only.*

Don’t forget to check out our services and rates when entering your precious pets.