About Us

For Kate, the owner of The Poky Puppy Dog Walking, it all started with this face.


Her own dog Zeus is the love of her life. Kate was always an animal person; she picked up stray kittens often and tried to bring them home as a teenager, and she has nothing but fond memories of her childhood dog Simba. However, when she and her roommates adopted Zeus 3 years ago, Kate knew she wanted to dedicate her life to not just dogs, but to the welfare of all animals. After working various jobs, which did not seem to fit Kate at all, she decided she was going to do what she loved – play with and care for other people’s furry pals. So she started the Poky Puppy Dog Walking to follow that dream.

Kate loves walking and caring for her clients’ pups, but she is also working on getting into veterinary school, so she fills her spare time with volunteering for the San Diego Humane Society and Project Wildlife, where she gets to care for shelter animals and wild animals needing rehabilitation. When she is not studying, working, or volunteering, she is playing or cuddling with her own best friend Zeus.