Doggy Treats

Bacon Pumpkin Dog Bones FullSizeRender

$1.50 for individuals

$3 for a bag of 3

$5 for a bag of 5

$10 for a bag of 10




Homemade pumpkin bacon dog treats made using organic pumpkin, fresh-cooked bacon, unbleached flour, and oats – no processed sugars are used in our homemade treats!

Pumpkin is not only good for your dog’s coat, but it also boosts his/her immune system, and helps with upset stomachs. As humans would use Pepto-Bismol for upset stomachs, we would use pumpkin to alleviate our dogs’ upset stomachs.

Hand made, our treats will keep your dog wagging its tail.

Pup Cakes – Carrot or Banana Pumpkin

Mini – $10 for 12

Large – $12 for 6 or $18 for 12

Please order pup cakes via email at least 3 days before you need them.


To order treats, please email if you are in North County San Diego. Otherwise, you can order treats on our Etsy page. Find our Etsy page here.