Walking & Sitting Services

Dog Walking

We will pick your dog up from home and walk him/her around the general surrounding area. Choose from either a 15 minute visit where we simply let your pup out to roam around in your fenced yard and replenish their water supply, or a 30 minute – 1 hour walk. If you work early in the morning or late at night, we can also stop by in the morning or evening to feed your furry family members and give them a walk. Poop bags are included. Call us to set up a (free of charge) meet and greet with your furry friends.

Pet Sitting

Please call and ask us about overnight and day time in-home pet sitting options. Since we are few in numbers, we just ask that you schedule pet sitting a week in advance if you are not regularly scheduled. We also ask that if your pup/kitty are not already acquainted with us, that you set up a (free of charge) meet and greet ahead of time, in order to avoid making your pet feel scared or anxious.

Other Pet Services

We are excited to announce that we are now adding more services such as vet visits, groomer visits, home baths, and pooper scooper visits. We know that sometimes you just don’t have time to handle these seemingly non-priority tasks, and we would love to make them our priority so that you can spend more value time with your pup! Plus, you don’t have to be the bad guy who gives your fur-baby a bath or takes them to the vet! Call today to schedule or to get an estimate. =)