Christina J.

When I took on a full time, 40-hour a week job, I was nervous about leaving my German Shepherd, Zorro, at home by himself all day. When I told Kathryn this, she offered to take him out on her days off, walk him, feed him, etc. I was beyond thrilled, because aside from my fiance and kids, Kathryn was the only other person Zorro took to instantly. Like, he’d rather cuddle up with her than with me when she’s over. She has been great for him, and not only does Zorro get out MORE these days than before, but he’s an all around better dog (better with other dogs, better with other people, knows a few tricks). I’m so grateful that Kathryn is able to devote personal, one-on-one time and attention to Zorro when we’re away at work during the day, and I know that other dogs (and their owners) will feel the same.

Definitely the best investment I’ve made for my pooch, by far!